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Yuki's Journey

Yuki's Journey tells the tale of a puppy who is separated from his master during the great earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan in 2011. It follows his journey through the devastation and aftermath to find his five-year-old master. In the process, he meets several friendly animals he knew as his master’s favorite toys, a set of masks from Japanese folklore. These new friends help him to find his way and his very self.


The author, Joseph J. Krakora, spent fifty-five years in the performing and visual arts. For half that time he served as an executive officer of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. He is devoting his retirement to helping increase cross-cultural understanding between the people of Japan and the United States.


His granddaughter, Abigayle James, illustrated the book. She has had an ongoing affinity for Japan. After graduating from high school this year, she will attend the Art Institute of Virginia Beach to pursue a career in animation.


About the Book

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